Why It Is Important To Have Car Insurance in UAE

17 Aug

People who drive cars are not only liable to take care of their life but also of their car. However, the fact is that not every car owner understands this fact and they end my causing road accident, which ultimately cost them huge amount of money. Hence, it is very essential that car owners should always have car insurance because it is correctly said that driving a car without Car Insurance in UAE is not less than a serious nightmare.

  • Medical expenses: In majority of cases car accidents cause serious injuries which leads to bearing huge medical bills for recovery.  

  • Medical expense for other people: At times, car accident causes injuries to other people also, so in that situation car owner is liable to pay for their medical expenses as well.

  • Repair cost: If the accident had caused damage to property of the third party then the repair expense is taken care by the car owner. For instance, if the car is crashed at someone’s gate then expense for repair is provided by the car driver.

  • Car repair cost: This is a self understand and obvious point that if any damage is caused to the car then the owner has to get it repaired.

  • Theft: In case the car is stolen then the car owner has no other option than buying a new car. This causes severe financial damage to the car owner.

In all the above discussed scenarios, one can save them if they have a good Car Insurance in UAE. Car insurance providing wider coverage bear all the expenses caused in car accident. Understanding the seriousness and importance of having a car insurance, government has made it mandatory for all the car owner of buy insurance while purchasing a car and get it renewed before it get expired.    

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