Tips and Tricks on Purchasing Affordable Car Insurance in the UAE

07 May

One should never make the mistake of risking high financial burden by not getting car insurance for their expensive cars.  Car insurance provides coverage to the car against theft or damage occurred after the accident. There are various insurance companies operating in the market and all of them claim to provide the best policy. However, one needs to follow some simple tips to select the right auto insurance policy that will provide required coverage to the car as well as the driver.

While selecting the car insurance in UAE, make sure that you protect yourself completely against damage property as well as bodily injury. Having inadequate coverage can lead to huge complications and financial loss after the accident. Further, while insuring the driver make sure that first check about the discount eligibility. Insurance companies offer special discounts for teenage drivers, students, occasional drivers and for drivers having a good track record.

When planning to purchase car insurance for young drivers or teenage drivers, it is recommended not to invest in expensive cars. The reason behind this case is that the rate for an insurance policy becomes high because teenagers are believed to do fast and rash driving. Safety is one of the prime considerations while deciding the cost of the car insurance policy.


One of the easiest and effective ways to get the lowest insurance rates from car insurance companies is to make them realize that you are a safe and trained driver. This can be done by attending a driving course from the registered driving school. These courses are readily available and can be completed in a short duration; the best aspect is that it saves a lot of money spent on getting car insurance.


Some of the car insurance companies in UAE offer extra services like roadside assistance, GPS service, towing, etc and charge extra amount. All these services come handy, so investment extra money for getting these services is not a great idea.  Hence, simply say no to all these extra services and save some extra money on car insurance UAE.

Before making the final purchase decision one should enquire about different insurance policies in detail and then opt for the one that will go best with their requirement. Also, one can take reference from friends and family members who have already purchased a car insurance policy. The process is slightly time-consuming and requires efforts but it very beneficial in the long run and saves a huge amount of money.

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